Fri Oct 29 2021

How I setup this blog

A simple post for testing and so that I do not forget the steps for how I setup this blog.

Quick summary

I setup this blog using I had to update my Node.js version because I was using version 10. I updated to version 14 by downloading the new repo from Nodesource for the pre-built binaries they have. After that, I cleared out my old Astro directory for this project and used npm init astro to setup the new project. I had to not use any of the templates, though, since they just used Preact by default, and I wanted to use Svelte. I installed the minimal template and added the Svelte renderer (@astrojs/renderer-svelte). I did have to add @astrojs/renderere-svelte to renderers in astro.config.mjs. I also installed TailwindCSS (tailwindcss) as a devDependency, created a tailwind.config.js file, and added the file in my astro.config.mjs file following Astro’s docs on this. I did also have to create a styles directory, a global.css file, and a home.css file as documented in the Astro docs on using TailwindCSS.